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Praise & Love


Dear Chef Catherine,

Thank you so, so much for everything. We're a few days out now and our guests are still raving about the food. We heard it described as "amazing" and "phenomenal" from more than a few folks and we couldn't agree more.

Every individual menu item was called out by at least a few folks as their favorites, and the guests who had dietary needs said they felt incredibly well accommodated.

Sarah & Henry

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We loved every bite!

Thank you Team Cuvée!!!

What a great job you did!  


The guests loved the food…of course..and with just the right amount left for us to enjoy today.
I look forward to our next big celebration, coupled with your talent and expertise.


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The friendliest staff ever!

Dearest Catherine,

It was an absolute pleasure working with you!

From the moment you arrived, every single thing was done PERFECTLY!!!!!

The staff was the friendliest staff I've worked with, the gentlemen helping park the cars was just darling, and sweet Kennedy took such good care of everyone!!!!!! 

I very much look forward to working with you on the next gig! I shall spread your praises to everyone who needs event management or catering!!!

Thank you ladies soooooooooo much for everything!!!!!!



Our Delicious Wedding Weekend!

Thank you Cuvée Team!!

We heard from so many of our guests how much they loved the wedding, and Cuvée was such a big part of that. 


Thank you all so much for helping us create what was a dream weekend for us.We were both so happy with how everything turned out!!


I'll also share that we had at least a half dozen of our guests tell us specifically that the food at our wedding was the best wedding food they'd ever had!  Of course we're biased, but we both 100% agree with them too.  ;)


Well done, team!!  Thank you all again for making that such a delicious and special weekend.



Mik & Victoria

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